Message from Principal!

Academic excellence has become a way of life with all of us at B.M.S.M College of Nursing. In line with our tradition of introducing high quality, career oriented programmes, it is indeed a great pleasure to announce the setting up of the B.M.S.M College of Nursing with its B.Sc. Nursing, G.N.M Nursing and A.N.M Nursing programmes.
Never in the history of health care have nurses had such wide opportunities and improved prospects. Through its pioneering efforts, the B.M.S.M College of Nursing aims to create leaders in the nursing profession by providing unique, innovative programmes that are responsive to the market need, keeping in mind that the rapid advances in the health care sector in India as well as abroad.
I am confident that the B.M.S.M College of nursing will create a benchmark in nursing education not only in India but overseas also by ensuring a steady flow of trained professionals who meet the international standards in terms of quality of education and services provided.
I welcome you to the B.M.S.M College of Nursing and wish you success in all your future endeavours.



Our Mission

To provide opportunities:

The Mission of the college is to provide academically challenging professional education based on liberal arts foundation to students from diverse background with a commitment toenhancement of knowledge in society.
To look for the ways to innovate the curriculum design content,teaching methodology and evaluation technique for the delivery of courses to be more convenient accelerated and affordable.

Our Philosophy:

  • Given the background of our situation,we realise the seminal importance of creating different educational,social and life skill programmes through staff and student initiative. An educational institution without any cognitive,affective and psychomotor stimuli would surely be a poor place to grow and flower.Therefore the drive to have as among forums and plateforms for students to venture and learn is key to our educational endeavours.

Our Vision

  • To develop better than the best professionals for the economic development of country