The guidelines for the students are.
1.All details should be filled in the Application form which is available form the school office. The minimum age for admission to Pre-Nursery class is 2 years at the beginning of the academic year. Birth certificate of the student should be produced at the time of admission.
2.Discourtesy in talk, irregular attendance, insubordination to authority and any other misconduct can lead to dismissal of the student form the school.
3.Text books and exercise books will be supplied by the school and the students are responsible for the safe custody of their books.
4.Any damage done to the school property or physical harm to the students in the campus by any student will have to be compensated by his/her parents or guardian.
5.Cleanliness of person and dress is very essential for students.
6.Regular attendance is expected by every student and request for leave or short leave shall be attested by the parents/guardian. In case of illness a medical certificate shall be submitted.
7.Private tuition will be discouraged. Maximum personal attention will be give to students by the teachers in the school time.
8.The students are expected to take active part in all activities arranged by the school.
9.The school will remain closed on fourth Saturday of every month.
10.Parents/Guardian are not allowed to go into the class rooms during the school hours.
1.There wile b two Terminal Tests and One Final examination during the academic year. If the student fails to attend two or more examinations he/she will not be considered fit for promotion.
2.A unit test will be conducted on the first Monday of every month. The marks secured by the student in the tests will be added to the final examination.
3.There is no provision for holding the test before or after the specified date.
4.The result declared at the end of the year is final in any case. No parents/Guardian should approach any individual teacher for the sake of seeking promotion of any underserving student. In all maters the Principal’s decision is final. SCHOOL HOURS AND UNIFORM
Summer : 8.00 to 2.00 p.m.
Winter : 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Boys : Dark Grey Pants,White Shirt,White and Black Shoes,Grey and While Socks,School Tie, Belt and Badge,Maroon and White Patka for Sikh boys,Maroon Blazer,White Hankey
Girls: Dark Grey Skirts, White Shirt, White and Black Bellies, Grey and While Socks, School Tie, Belt and Badge, Maroon and White Ribbon, Maroon Blazer, White Hankey
Note:- The child should reach the school neatly dressed in school uniform five minutes before school bell rings. Well dressed and punctual children shall be rewarded. Late comers or untidily dressed children will be fined. SUGGESTIONS TO PARENTS.
1.Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational and useful programmes on T.V.
2.Help the child understand that in the school he/she is one just like any other students. Dress him/her neatly and properly.
3.Sometimes children complain to their parents concerning school matters. Legitimate complaint should be notified in the diary or to the Principal.
4.Parents are requested to bring their complaints directly to the principal and not to discuss these with class teacher.
5.During the week days, parents are not allowed to visit the class room directly for any reason, a child has to be called from class and it should be done through the office.
6.Parents are advised not to engage any private tuitor for the child. If fact, there is no need for it. Any problem regarding the progress of the child should be discussed with Principal or class incharge.
7.The child should be encouraged to speak English at home.
8.Parents are advised to check the Diary of their ward and sign it daily.
9.Parents are requested to attend the parents-meeting on first Saturday of every month.
10.Kindly see that the teeth of the child are brushed, hair combed, nails cut and shoes polished before the child comes to school. The child should be encouraged to maintain his text books, exercise books in proper condition. All books should be hard bound and have brown covers. Well kept shall be rewarded
1.Leave must be obtained before it is availed of.
2.Leave application should be signed by the student and counter signed by the parents/guardian.
3.In case the application is not sent in time, the student will be marked absent and an absentee fine imposed.
4.On coming to the school after illness, the child should bring a fitness certificate from the doctor.
1.It may be noted that eating food in the school is not just a necessary for the child but is part of the process of learning for him, therefore the school gives much importance to it.
2.The lunch should be sent in a Steel/Aluminium/Plastic tiffin box preferably with the name of the child written on it.
3.Every child should have two napkins in her/his tiffin box for use at lunch time. They should be washed and ironed whenever dirty. Children not having daily napkins will be punished/fined.
4.Children should bring the lunch box by themselves.
5.If for any reason, the child is not able to bring the lunch box himself/herself, the same can be deposited with the gate peon with the name and class of the child written on a piece of paper. In any case, the parents are not allowed to take the lunch directly to the child in the classroom. PARENTS MEETING
Parents meeting will be held on first Saturday of every month.
Aims of the Parents Meeting:
1.Kindly follow the suggestion of the teachers for the improvement of your child.
2.Give suggestion to improve your child’s over all & future performance.
3.Come and see the progress Report card of your child after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd terminal exams.
4.Meet the Principal if your ward does not make progress in studies.
5.The education of your child is the joint effort of the School and the parents.
Summer : 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Winter : 10.00 a.m. to 1200 p.m.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities:

The Mission of the school is to provide academically challenging professional education based on liberal arts foundation to students from diverse background with a commitment toenhancement of knowledge in society.
To look for the ways to innovate the curriculum design content,teaching methodology and evaluation technique for the delivery of courses to be more convient accelerated and affordable.

Our Philosophy:

  • Given the background of our situation,we realise the seminal importance of creating different educational,social and life skill programmes through staff and student initiative. An educational institution without any cognitive,affective and psychomotor stimuli would surely be a poor place to grow and flower.Therefore the drive to have as among forums and plateforms for students to venture and learn is key to our educational endeavours.

Our Vision

  • To develop better than the best professionals for the economic development of country